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Bonjuz is an Indian brand aspiring to be amongst the global leaders in the healthy, tasty, natural, fresh food & beverage industry. ​


BonJuz provides fresh and healthy beverages and healthy bytes.​

Looking for healthy and natural food & beverages options for their grandchildren and against at the complete lack of options, Mr. P. Dayal, a retired IAS officer, his wife Mrs. Ansa Prabhat Dayal and their

daughter-in-law Dipali Mathur decided to take matters in their own hands. ​

Thus BonJuz, the good juice… the answer to all things fresh, natural and yummy!​

Our ambition is to provide our customers wholesome nourishment. A good for them alternative…allowing them to live a healthier, tastier, fuller life…




Kick start your day with Freshly Squeezed fruit juices and shakes from BONJUZ.

Head straight to your nearest outlets or Order online through Swiggy/Zomato